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              Artist Statement
             Marguerite Alpert


I make art out of pressed plants. I often deconstruct plants into their component parts to reveal shapes and colors that are not always evident with the fresh, whole plant. This opens a new way of seeing nature for me – a view from the inside out. These tiny, vital parts add an unexpected dimension to my designs and unveil exquisite parts that remain mostly unseen. It pleases me when the viewer experiences an element of surprise or wonder when they see my work. When we take time to look intently and from a different view, it changes us, and this is good. I hope my artwork invites the observer to take a closer look at this novel view of nature.

My collection features plants that I have grown from seed, harvested from generous friend’s gardens, and collected by roadsides throughout New England.

I am a lifelong gardener. I have spent many years with my hands in the soil, watching the marvel of the plant cycle – from seed, to flower, to fruiting plant. This life process fascinates me.  

Inspiration for my art springs from many influences. Gardening with my Italian grandmother captured my imagination and fostered my love of the outdoors when I was very young. This brought me to study horticulture, farming, landscaping, community gardening, volunteering, writing, and teaching. Each one of these experiences led me to take a closer look at nature.

I started pressing flowers and leaves inside heavy books to try to reproduce some of the botanical pressings I had admired in my botany books. The results captivated me. Details I had missed in the fresh plants were highlighted beautifully after the pressing and drying process. I have been making art out of pressed plants for 30 years, using four beautiful wooden presses handmade by my talented husband.

My prints and cards can be purchased in several stores in the northeast region including the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum Store and the New York Botanical Garden Shop. Originals are also available for purchase.

Three of my pieces were selected for national juried art shows at the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts and NorthWind Fine Arts Gallery in 2023.                               

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